ECA carries a broad array of point of sale devices and systems.

ECA provides merchants with end-to-end computerized POS systems for merchants nationwide. With over 4000 installations nationwide, ECA combines the technical expertise with its vast amount of experience in the payment processing services industry to provide the best services to its merchants. Our POS Systems can be used for Fast Food, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, and Retail Outlets.

Our products and services are designed to process many types of payments. We support all major card organizations including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Japanese Credit Bank (JCB), EBT and Debit card transactions. We also settle the funds through the card Associations (e.g. MasterCard® and Visa®) and deposit funds to your checking account. In addition, we handle processing, merchant billing and account activity reporting. We do not just sell credit card processing services. We also provide security, dependability, and peace of mind.

1 Safewatch QuickConnect Control Panel:
Incorporates an easy-to-use touchpad, a siren and speaker into one convenient unit.

2 Wireless Door/Window Sensors:
These devices are recommended for all doors and windows at ground level, windows near trees or shrubs, or doors and windows that are dark or hidden from view.

1 PIR Motion Detector - Wireless:
Can help detect movement in rooms, hallways and on stairs, and helps reduce false alarms. Our sophisticated technology outperforms other motion detectors.

1 Wireless Keychain Remote:
Allows you to turn your system on and off with the press of a button.

1 Power Supply and 24 Hour Battery:
Provides power to your system and an extra high-capacity battery in case of power outage.

1 ECA Window Decal and Yard Sign:
Warn potential intruders your home is protected by ECA.

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